Name: Harold 'Hal' Gibson

Age: 28

Gender: Male


A new man for a new world, at least that's one way to describe the ethnic melting pot that is Hal. As moulded by the media industry in which he dwells as the genes he has inherited, Hal is never without a sharp suit and an even sharper haircut; however the hustle and bustle of the work day often produces a few stalwart hairs permanently sprung forward from the rest of his slicked back, black hair. The addition of the crisp leather briefcase, pristine black shoes and obligatory tie completes the ensemble of the young executive about town.

Born from the cross of heritage of the exotic shores of Yumland, mixed with the cosmopolitan, new age Netopia, the usual strong features of the dark west continent have been diluted to produce a strong jawbone, culturally non-specific caramel skin and an ability to empathise with just about anyone he meets. All this, combined with the relatively average 5'10", slim build with brown eyes, has led to Hal succeeding where others may attract too much attention on the way up the career ladder.


How does one survive in the cutthroat media business? They adapt. Hal is a man of many faces and each of those faces has a varying number of ridiculous disguises. Suffice to say, Hal is the man you need him to be.

Long since disregarding the strong notions of principles he inherited from his father, Hal has submitted to the pressures of work and as a result, he rarely, if ever gives a straight, honest answer or opinion. Generally pleasant to be around, this young man is a wealth of relevant information, preferring not to deviate from the brief when handed to him. As a result, he is cool, calm and collected, that is, until he is in a situation where he doesn't know all the variables.

Cautious and studious, Hal has devoted the past 10 years of his life to his career and received a promotion to TV executive as a result; however, the rest of his life is lacking in all respects and apart from his job, Hal has no other connections to regular life, causing the man to oft feel hollow. The recent appointment of custodian of the professor has caused him significant stress and as such, he has a tendency to over think things to a worrying degree.

PET Modifications:

With a leather finish to match his briefcase, Hal has left his PET otherwise untouched since receiving it from the company.


What do you do when a star finally burns out? Do you simply let them fade into obscurity; do you leave them to their own devices and hope for the best? For the company the owned the professor, the answer was simple; you find another way to make them sell. So when the ageing Professor.exe finally succumbed to the madness of old age, the company pulled him from his show, shunted him into a newer body and released his image for advertisement. This was all well and good, money was still rolling in and replays of the Prof's show still rated highly in Yumland, yet there was still the problem of what to do with the professor himself.

In another branch of the company, a relatively unknown, yet diligent man was fast climbing the ranks. No family, no friends and no hobby to distract him from advancement, such a man was to be feared by those who had grown comfortable in their positions. The bright light of potential shone fiercely from Hal, illuminating the incompetence and weakness of those who had the most influence over his advancement; it is then that his luck had finally run out. Due for a promotion once again, Hal had to be rendered inert; this threat had to be neutralised but how? It struck them; why not kill two birds with one stone? Promote Hal to TV executive in charge of the now winding down show to which the professor belongs, then charge him with responsibility of that fragile, old, fool of a navi, then when he screws up, bump him back down the chain. Hence, Hal and the professor were formally partnered up, Hal being charged as chaperone until Professor.exe was once again capable of resuming his presenter duties.