Name: Noah Thorsen

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Noah is a lightly-built blonde young man, six feet even and a bit skinny, although he does have enough muscles to get by. Grey-green eyes that hide behind thick glasses caused by his farsightedness. Highly pale skin, burns readily when introduced to sunlight. Generally wears casual clothes, only resorting to dress shirt and pants when absolutely necessary. Likes dark clothes, such as dark blues and reds. He doesn't wear them often, though, instead usually wearing black. It's not that he likes the color, he just has too many black clothes.

Personality: Extroverted. Quick to make friends, of either gender. Has a healthy sense of humor. Quite curious, and very interested in machinery, although he's only average with them. However, his true greatest interest is weather, hence his NetNavi has a weather theme about her. Generally slow to anger, tends to be equally slow to calm down or forgive.

PET Modifications: Dark blue exterior with dark grey trim, wheels.