Name: Viktor Cross
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: viktor's messy black hair covers his crystal blue eyes from time to time but it isn't too difficult to see them from the shaggy mess. Standing at about six feet tall, usually wearing more casual clothes such as dark colored jeans with a black t-shirt over white long sleeve combo. His skin being quite pale revealing a lack of longetivity in the sun. Never leaving home without a laptop with a black laptop bag, he can occasionally be found wearing a black hoodie even on warmer days.

Personality: Viktor can be seen as a cocky individual who is more than willing to take anyone on in a NetBattle. Even if he's obviously picking a fight with someone who's much more capable in a battle than he is, Viktor would foolishly engage in combat rather than let his pride be hurt by turning down a match. Although filled with pride, he takes great care in his NetNavi Skyfire's well-being and repairs. One could say he's hard to become friends with but those who do could see that he truly does mean well and is willing to stand up for his friends within a heartbeat. viktor can be seen as a technology freak, his room being littered with multitudes of electronics in which he toys with for enjoyment purposes.

PET Modifications: Black model with a crimson red trim, the only absolute modification is its capability of finding the nearest local jack-in port to get his NetNavi to the required destination quickly. Its range is limited within thirty feet from his current location, however so constant movement is usually required to find the right port.