Name: Morin

Age: 19

Gender: Male
Appearance: An Irishman by blood, if nothing else, Morin's pale skin contrasts sharply with pitch black hair. Standing at 6'2" and moderately slender, he normally wears black dress pants, black dress shoes, and a forest green dress shirt under a black vest. His jade green eyes stare coldly outwards, framed by his straight, shoulder-length black hair. He keeps his PET strapped to the outside of his left thigh for easy access.
Personality: Morin leaps between two different personas and emotional extremes. When interacting in the corporeal world, he is stoic. Coldness and apathy wrap about him like a cloak. Anyone would name him a nihilist.

When interacting with his Navi and others while traversing the Net and NetBattling, he becomes a completely different person. Cold green eyes come alight with passion, and his once quiet voice echoes with a bright charisma...or perhaps insanity. The despairing pragmatist is replaced by an unstable genius who speaks of the world and its workings in terms of literary concepts and ideas. This second persona completely disbelieves the idea of impossibility, and has a very unusual idea of what is real or unreal.
PET Modifications: Morin's PET has been modified substantially. It's hardware has been extended to interact with a pair of screens (This allows for navigation of menus and other functions without losing the visual link to his Navi, among other things. Netbattle Operation, however, is too draining on his PET's resources for the seconds screen to be used during battle.) The primary PET system has been placed inside a rectangular, leather-bound case (underneath said leather, the case is made of black gunmetal). When opened the dual screens are revealed, with the left screens covering the primary PET (which may be accessed by opening a small latch, which allows the screen to swing to the right). Ports for battle-chips and such are accessible along the side of the opened case.

These aesthetic changes result in an illusion of a leather-bound tome, which opens to reveal the two screens (pages). Chips are inserted along the left side of the open 'book,' where most of the pages would be. This area actually conceals the primary PET, which is mostly unchanged (excepting video cables for the screens).

When not used for operation, it doubles as an E-Reader-a feature Morin puts to good use.

The 'tome' has no visible title and is bound in black leather. Binary code is written along the spine in flowing, silver European script. Translated, it reads, "Truth."