Name: Roger Faust
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: A scrawny man often described as a "bean pole". At six feet tall, and a mere 140 lbs, Roger borders on an emaciated look. He walks with a slight limp do to a recent injury (He tripped over a neighbor's free roving PET), and often has a simple cane for support. Despite his haggard appearance, Roger has the vitality of someone much younger. Roger has green eyes, and short dark brown hair that is usually a bit unruly (Which doesn't help his appearance). A pharmacist by trade, Roger can often be found wearing simple loose black slacks, solid color button down shirts (Usually in earth tones, and also loose), and a traditional white lab coat, all of which are almost always wrinkled.

Personality: Though he seems a bit broody when by himself, he brightens up when around others, and tends to go out of his way to help others. His looks and last name tend to make people think of a mad scientist, so he tries very hard to combat the image with kindness. Extremely dedicated to his work, Roger hopes to one day work for Sci-Lab so that he can help to create the programs needed to delete viruses. In order to help fulfill his dream, Roger has recently begun learning various programming and engineering skills. After three years, he built a small modification for his PET as his first device. It's not perfect, but he was ecstatic at the accomplishment, and is eager to perfect the technology. A fascination with learning new things, especially when the subject is relevant to his future plans, can sometimes get him into a bit of trouble. His light weight and disheveled appearance are a direct result of Roger getting lost in his work. While working on his Sample Analyzer Mod, he ended up in the hospital because he simply forgot to eat... For three days.

PET Modifications: The PET is a Dark Purple, and has a standard speech/text mod which allows Roger and Gretchen to communicate via either speech or text, as the situation warrants. The only truly extraordinary aspect of the PET is a "Sample Analyzer" installed on the side. It's a fairly new technology that Roger built himself and thus still has a few bugs to work out. However, when it works it can be quite useful for identifying the chemical breakdown of any small sample. For example: To test this device, Roger put a few drops of water on the slide out panel and asked Gretchen to analyze it. It took about an hour, but she managed to properly classify the substance as one part hydrogen to two parts oxygen. Of course, she also mistakenly identified raspberry jelly as spoiled milk, so Roger still has a bit of work to do.