Name: Mark Mastiff
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Personality: Mark is a calm individual who is intelligent in the field of computer science; however, under such mannerisms holds an explosive demeanor. Mark has little patience when dealing with others so he can lose his temper with others quite fast, and once agitated he frequently draws rash decisions. He is a pragmatist who feels that the ends justify the means, and while vandalism and cheating aren't high on his list of methods he's not shy to do what is necessary for his benefit regardless of moral. Though he can detect sarcasm from others as well as any normal human being, he has no real sense of humor.

Appearance: An average sized male with brown messy hair and a strong square chin with upturned nose. He wears black square glasses and a yellow scarf around his neck. He wears a blue jean vest with 2 buttons and a long sleeve black undershirt. He has on dark blue jeans that sag a bit at the bottom and wears white shoes.

PET modifications: none, It's merely a red PET.