Name: Theodore Kaysen
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Theodore is a small boy who is seen mostly in his uniform consisting of a tucked in beige shirt with two button pockets and a brown strap over it, and dark green pants folded at the bottom with black shoes on. He wears a trilby hat and a blue scarf over his neck with a medallion having the insignia of a geometric tree on it. he has light skin with brown messy hair.

Personality: Theodore is cheery and very formal, but he takes his status and work with the utmost responsibility and seriousness. He can oftentimes get a bit preachy about proper safety. he doesn't like to start fights but will stand firm in defending his beliefs and perceived authority. He has a strong dislike for being called "Teddy"

PET Modifications: Ted's PET is fairly plain, having a bright green coloration.