Name: Cara Windfield
Age: 33
Gender: Female

A middle-aged woman standing at a height of a proud 170cm, Cara is usually seen with a sloppily (just enough to keep them out of her face) tied-up raven hair, along with fingerprint-infested glasses to adorn her brown eyes. Slightly tanned from her younger days' involvement in sports, she has a firm, well-maintained build hidden underneath all that sloppiness.

Due to her nature of work, Cara hardly upkeeps her looks amidst her busy work hours. Wearing simple jeans and a sweater at all times as if she couldn't stand the cold, Cara is proud of her general sloppiness. Her socks-- if people could see it-- were self-repaired many times with random pieces of cloth, as if she deemed it was too comfy to change it. She wears black sneakers that -may- be looking greyish from overuse.

An elite in her field of electronics engineering, her bossy nature, when combined with her scientific curiosity, sends her to spurt to new heights at the pinnacle of technology: the cyberworld. Generally proud, especially of her creations, she is never ashamed to pull honest (and maybe hurtful) comments if she is presented with an opportunity. She is highly appreciated at her workplace for being highly critical and has an eye for irregularities, making her the person to go to for troubleshooting matters.

To her own creations, she will only have them meet her expectations; never has anyone found her being affectionate to her subjects. Many a times she sees every interaction as an opportunity to retrieve data, and would thus like to retain the professional relationship between herself and her creations.

She, however, does not get along well with people who are snarky and sarcastic-- generally, anyone who seem that they are capable of telling her off. She prefers others to be quiet and obedient.