Name: Lawrence Castell
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Lawrence is a slim, dark skinned male with jet black hair spiked at the front. He wears a torn thick navy blue jacket and long blue jeans that bunch up at the bottom, underneath the jacket is a black T-shirt with his insignia on it, which is colored bright grey and has the image of crossed paintbrushes in front of an empty ring. His shoes are white and grey, and he carries a black and beige shoulder bag left open to reveal a sketchbook and assorted papers visibly sticking out of the top.

Personality: Lawrence is very stoic and has a perpetually melancholy look on his face. however, is polite and willing to socialize and interact with others. He generally does so to promote his business as a graphic designer and gain client trust. Lawrence is not too competitive as a net battler unless something higher is at stake, typically the safety of his navi. He isn't one to try and pick fights as he prefers to leave a good impression of himself towards others. When not passing off business cards and advertising himself, he often travels far from civilization.

PET Modifications: Lawrence has a decrepit looking Plug in PET with a Black coloration. There are marks and scratches all over it , and a slight crack on the corner of the device. Wedged inside the spot on the device that the jack in cable normally went was an odd device that looked like an unofficially made infrared port for jacking in, the add on being attached with duct tape.

Background: Gait is an artistically talented but financially poor Electrician who is part of a freelance graphic design organization known as Bamboobrush. Business in graphic design was mild before but as society and technology began to rely on graphic navi's alone to produce graphic material, or "fake work" as disgruntled members of Bamboobrush calls it, has jeopardized the already weak industry of graphic design. In an attempt to gather more business, Gait has gone out to spread his name and get people to become familiar with him and his work.

Possessions Within Gait's Shoulder bag are several sketchbooks and individual papers, assorted art supplies, and a laptop for presentational purposes and on the go jacking in. In the sketchbooks contain several drawing from life as he sees it, while his laptop contains project and commissions for his clients.