Name: Operator Matthew Langley


Age: 8

Height: 3'9"

Hair: Chestnut

Eyes: Dark Blue

Appearance: Matt's a sporty, athletic kid with an outdoorsy tan. He doesn't have much of a mind for style and instead favors things that are utilitarian, not that he ever thinks of it like that. Matt's just a kid who likes to be outside and run around with his friends. T-shirts and shorts are the way to go. Oh, and he hates dress clothes. Too much fuss for something that really doesn't matter that much anyway. But the things we do for our family, huh?

Personality: He's a young and inquisitive kid with a lot of energy, nothing terribly surprising for his age. He's an outdoorsy type, athletic and outgoing. He's still pretty naive, he'll believe just about anything so long as it comes from a trusted source. Matt's got a flippant, disrespectful streak to him that pops up around authority figures but his parents have learned how to smash that attitude into something like proper manners (so long as they're around).

He's got the most respect for his Dad and older brother Adrian, particularly his brother. Adrian's usually out of town but when he comes back Matt's got this habit of shadowing him and tagging along regardless of any of Adrian's complaints. He likes his navi a whole lot too, with ActionMan sometimes acting like a surrogate brother in Adrian's stead. Besides all this, he's still just a kid and he's learning a lot about the world as he grows up. The coming years are sure to change young Matt in some profound ways but until then he'll stay the energetic sort he is now.

Background: Largely as established with nothing really out of the ordinary. How he relates with other characters is really going to set his own personality up. Currently he's something like a mirror, just a kid doing what he thinks is right based off of the experiences he's had up till now.