Name: Yuudai Watanabe
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Yuudai is not the most physically imposing of individuals. He stands at only 5'9" and weighs around 155 lbs. He is quite thin with little muscle tone. This is due to spending most of his days inside his apartment playing video games or watching anime. His has pale skin with dark brown eyes and hair. His hair is short, but almost always messy. He has poor eyes sight and is forced to wear glasses with thick lenses. Yuudai was born with a weak constitution and was a sickly child. He generally dresses in khaki pants paired with t-shirts. Said t-shirts are often adorned with characters from various mecha anime or video games.

Yuudai a geek. He doesn't work or go to school and instead lives off his family's fortune. He spends most of his day watching anime or playing video games and rarely goes outside. His small stature and weak constitution caused him to forgo most outdoor activities as a child. This caused him to become an outcast amidst the rest of the children his age. He grew accustomed to being alone and developed an antisocial personality. He has few friends and doesn't feel the need for them. He rarely interacts with anyone other than his Navi and the few times a month that his mother calls to check on him. His parents consider him to be a black sheep of the family, especially considering that his older brother and sister are both outgoing and sociable. Instead of dealing with Yuudai, the Watanabe family purchased a small apartment for him to live in on his own. The situation works perfectly for Yuudai, though Calibre does worry about his lack of human relationships.

==PET Modifications==
Yuudai has a custom PET design that resembles the communicator from his favorite anime. The body of the PET is blue and silver and the screen comes with a flip down protective cover designed to look like Calibre's helmet. The PET is downloaded with some of Yuudai's favorite battle music to help get him in the mood when Calibre is virus busting. Once Yuudai has slotted in a battlechip, the system is set up so that Calibre can activate the chips using voice commands.