Iris Kodai (AKA Arco Swift)
Age - 24
Gender - Female
A tall, alluring woman with an attractive blend of Netopian and Electopian features. Despite her beauty and her striking figure, her green eyes seem cold, and her detached demeanour makes her difficult to approach. Her long black hair is usually gathered loosely at the base of her head with a simple wooden clip, fanning upward and outward in a dark cascade. While her dress varies, she favours a mix of formality and utility. Her tastes run the gamut from a long white coat with black leggings to a richly embroidered blue cheongsam. Her choice of footwear is more straightforward, however, preferring soft and durable boots that rise to the knee, or simple black zori in hotter weather.
Though not blatantly unfriendly, Iris comes off as rather distant to all but her closest acquaintances. She's usually quite calm and collected, endeavouring to present to the world a wise and businesslike persona, in accordance with the two rather demanding posts she fulfills. Sometimes, though, this mask drops unexpectedly, revealing an Iris quite distinct from her usual self. This Iris is decidedly less self-confident, perhaps even shy toward the wrong people, but much more prone to smiling and laughter.
Iris and Cheshire both possess an affinity for tracking down things that are lost -- or things actively concealed. The two ply their trade as "finders"; recovering lost or stolen items, reuniting estranged people, and more often than not "liberating" certain objects of interest on behalf of a zealous employer. Employment is discussed in secret, using the bathhouse Tonglen as a front. Prospective employers are never shown the identity of the finder -- missions and payment are discreetly accepted by the senior staff or Iris herself, and the object of the request is delivered in an appropriate manner upon their next visit.
PET Modifications
A slightly battered black PET with a bright, reflective finish. A powerful camera lens is embedded in the back, allowing the user to take snapshots and record videos at high resolution.