Name: Justice
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: About 6'2, usually wears dark blue jeans with boots. Olive green t-shirt/undershirt, with a black hoodie. He wears this even through the spring. However when it becomes summer time...the hoodie comes off and he changes from an undershirt to regular t-shirts and polos. And he wears tan cargo shorts with some stylish running shoes. Unless of course he is working, then it is back to the dark blue jeans. And he is also left handed.
Personality: Loves to battle with his Navi Skyline.EXE, loves winning a fight even more than starting one. If you are friends with him, then he is a nice guy who will give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. If you are a stranger, then you will receive the benefit of the doubt and will usually treat you as he would a friend, unless you give him a reason not to trust you or to like you. Then you become labeled an enemy. And he is not someone you want as an enemy. He is an ex special forces Navi operator, and can handle pressure so he well that he probably does better when under it. He is not someone to be pushed around, simply because he won't tolerate it. The same goes for pushing around a friend or just some stranger on the street. If they didn't deserve it then his philosophy is, you are going to deserve what is about to be dealt to you. Doesn't really like talking about his past, it's rather chaotic and full of sorrow. He is the only remaining survivor from his Special Forces unit and it is his goal to find the man responsible for their deaths.
PET Modifications: PET is metallic silver, with a blue tint with a dark, metallic red stripe going around the edges.