Name: Kiyo Kawashima
Appearance:He Usually wears a white coat,light blue jeans and sneakers. His Eye Color
is red and hair color is silver. He Weights 97 pounds and height is 116 cm
Background: Kiyo Is Usually a Former Student of ACDC Town. Both Of His Parents Died
because of a car accident. After the incident,he was very ruthless and rude
to others who talked about his parents. After some months,he was now
kind to other people even they talked about his past. He was a net hacker
before but he stopped when his dad gave him a New PET
Personality: He acts like a Tsundere when other operators says that he is weak in
net battling. Usually, hes happy to help others in need. To His NetNavi
Sozo.exe,he considered him as one of his most important persons in his
PET Modifications: N/A