"I've gone for too long, living like I'm not alive!"

"Miracle" by Paramore

~Net Operator~

"So I'm gonna start over tonight;[i]
Beginning with you and I."

Name: Xenneth Hikari
Age: S.I.X.T.E.E.N - [[color=blue]July 2nd — Capricorn[/color]]
Gender: M.A.L.E.

To begin with the miniscule details of Xenneth's appearance, he seems to have the figure of an average high school student...or a feminine figure. To begin with, he has bright skin of a white color with a texture that is soft and mesh because of his evenly distributed flimsy body fat and lack of muscles. He stands at a height that is an average of five feet and three inches, a little shorter than the height of an average male. His weight is at least to be one hundred and thirty pounds. Amongst one of many features is his hair that is of a feathery texture while having a length that goes to his shoulder blades and fall merely six inches below. The default color is a faded blonde, but dyed a rich light purple and a single braid on the right side that is twisted and discolored a blue opposed to the rest of his dyed hair. His lips are a light pink while his face composition to an oval shape. The last feature above the neck is that of his eyes being of an electric blue.

To his lower body, Xenneth has an average shape as he is rather skinny for his age. He does not have a shaped lower abdomen or upper chest, so he is rather flimsy in shape with a little body fat. Other than the mention body shape, he is rather light because of his size, and can be considered "petite" for a boy his age considering his lack of body and height for a male. Xenneth's body, when it comes to accessories and clothing, consists of bright clothing and colors that he is a fan of wearing. He usually consist of wearing "whites" that are akin to his family's theme. The "Hikari" household usually dresses in this fashion as well as making the "Angel Wing" their family crest for an emblem which is actually stitched onto the back of one of Xenneth's favored jackets and hoodies that he wears. The clothing consists of yellow stitching that runs around the shoulders connecting the sleeve and overlaps his palm because of its length. Contrary to the size, Xenneth actually likes it this way.

To the lower body features, Xenneth actually has most of his "feminine" qualities here which confuses people to death. With his posture and form, his hips give a distinct shape that makes him seem feminine, but in fact, he is male. All the proper "features" are below as well, but amongst this, he has some muscle in his legs making him a much faster runner than one would expect as he moves with the speed of a coward. His preferred wear for clothing when it comes to the lower body is usually a pair of pants laced by belt, seldom to prefer to wear a pair of shorts because of insecurity about showing his skin. However, at the most, some of his outfits have some openings upon the leggings or even has bellbottoms to suffice for air that sweeps into his clothing for ventilation. His most preferred footwear for his delicate feet, sized to fit in size nine shoes, or those of sneakers or tennis shoes. If one has not noticed, he isn't very good at elegant or casual outfits for occasions.

Anything out of the ordinary other than clothing and body appearances would be accessories and birth marks. His Birthmark in general is on his right hand and running across from his right palm and around his thumb and seems like a twisted, faint apple. His right side of his face is colored with a red heart on the right cheek. Other than that, he does not seem to like wearing jewelry, adornments, or anything else that he carries unless it has a sentimental value to it. The last feature is his right wrist that is strapped with the latest of P.E.T attachments in the form of a wrist bracelet for slot the P.E.T Advanced in place.


Xenneth's personality can be described as "delicate." As an ordinary child, Xenneth can be considered just that compared to most. He always seems to hold on to a blissful aura around him while being quite naïve in his optimism. He has a strong sense of justice and mostly does not stray away from his beliefs when it comes to others and himself. He believes in a world of peace and happiness making it so that he always seems to take on everything with the intent of correct mistakes or even help someone. However, he is weak in his current childish states and not realizing who he is, so therefore, his strength can be said to be "minimized" because of his lack of reality on who he is.

Going to Xenneth's true "Persona," he seems to be strong willed and often steadfast. He keeps his sense of justice and strong sense of peace and prosperity, often being the voice of reason when it comes to things, but can be ignored since his solutions are thought to be "foolish" and non-assistant. He closely represents the abilities and traits of one who is filled with endless potential, but at the same time, empty because he is yet to know what values he prioritizes in his life other than the common sense of "Justice" and the sense of "Love" which he shares with many people.

When it comes to seeing himself, Xenneth has very little perspective on self-conscious values. He can care little about himself when the situation mostly magnifies on another, but he seems to take pride in appearance when it comes to just trying to look his best for the sake of being a light image on the eyes. He is very much a "considerate" person.

When it comes to "fighting" well...Xenneth does not usually fight. Although his NetNavi is very powerful and contains endless potential, it is quite never used in most times since "Megami" tends to not be the solution to most problems, and this is mostly because Xenneth would not allow it. When it comes to his relationship with him and Megami, the two understand that fighting is not always the answer, and mostly attempts to drain the hostility of a situation by simply disabling and being "diplomatic" with their enemy rather than aggressive. However, Xenneth to has a bad side when it comes to people who do not take his requests seriously, mostly this type of anger is directed to those who try to hurt and injure others for amusement.

PET Modifications:

P.E.T. Advanced: This design of P.E.T is common considering it's a level above the current highly advanced "Link" P.E.T.s Xenneth is not very "rich" or "made" so he has this old whimsy model of a P.E.T that was used for his NetNavi. This type of P.E.T has the flip features that are so well known amongst its kind. The colors for this P.E.T vary between a solid blue base around the sides and the very bottom. The rest of the body is colored in a shade of magenta with the icon in the lower center having a golden rim and the default family symbol of angel wings.

Operation: Harmony Program: Megami's programming allows for Xenneth's P.E.T Advance to access a special debugging option when in or out of battle; this option is known as "Operation: Harmony." Operation Harmony appears as a symbolic "H" on the screen that is transparent enough to see beyond its character. This "Program" makes it so Megami can have control of the battle allowing her weaponry and the strength of other characters. (This is in the form of her "Variable" element which alters the variable strength of other NetNavis.) It's because of this ability, she is said to be a "Goddess," because of the way she can alter the many aspects of the area she is within, the participants, and even seems to have her own strength multiply unexpectedly making it seem as if any miracle is possible for her. However, she is beyond omnipotent considering this means luck, fortune, and miracles are what she is all about.

"We'll get it right this time!"[i][font=times][/i][/font]