Name: Kage Tuski
Age: 19
Gender: male
Appearance: Kage is, despite his namesake, a very imposing looking guy, that can somehow still vanish in a crowd, his eyes are a piercing blue that he perfected making most become uncomfortable being in his gaze. His hair is black as the night sky, with some silver highlights. He is always found in a dark blue vest that is somewhat tattered, though when traveling he will be found in a brown traveling cloak.
Generally following him or on his shoulders is a small robotic fox that actually is controlled by his net navi, Kyuubi and holds said navi's PET.
Personality: Despite his rough look Kage is actually quite kind. Willing to help just about anyone. Even though it'll take a bit of work once befriended, Kage is a friend that will stand through many trials. Earn his ire though, and pray payback isn't too severe. Especial since what threats he makes based in the real world he does have the physical strength to accomplish.
PET Modifications: Kages PET besides being gray has an extra modification. After much complaining by kyuubi, Kage did some work with robotic pets, trying something new for his partner. With much trial and error, mist of which had Kage ducking as something blew up. He was able to create a little robotic fox, and modify his PET so it was housed in said robot. While the PET is in the robot, Kyuubi has full control of it. Although while able to do many things by himself, Kyuubi is unable to jack into the net by himself. despite how much he wishes he could at times. When Kage needs him, Kyuubi ejects the PET out of the robot and right into his operator's hands. Generally the robot fox is put in a bag, or just follows Kage around till kyuubi is put back in.