Name: Simon Samael Stone
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Appearance:(picture soon to come) Simon stands an imposing 6'8", with ripped muscles and a strong stature. His hair is lank and light brown, hanging around his ears. His outfit is a white wifebeater with a green pair of cargo pants hanging baggy over his black and blue shoes. His waist bears a tied coat with wrapped about arms tying it together. Around his neck a pair of army dogtags hang from a simple metal chain. His eyes are green and he has a light tan to his skin. He rarely shaves and bears a steady stubble, and is rarely seen without a thick stogie in his lips, and a lighter kept in his pocket (one of the many).

Personality: Simon can come off as haughty and cold in his drive for answers, he bears a strong sense of justice that falls outside of the goals set forth for him in the Military. He gets to know people primarily through assessments of their ability to maintain themselves. His respect is not easily earned, as he demands the best from himself and others around him, especially those who deign to involve themselves with him. Once earned however, his respect and trust is hard to damage, yet he unfortunately retains personal barriers between people that, amicable as he may seem, keep him from truly forming bonds with others.

PET Modifications: His PET barely contains any modifications, he has the ability to maintain a private connection between himself and his netnavi if he needs.