Name: Christine Menara
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Appearance: Christine (or Chris as she prefers) is at an relatively normal height of 5'3", and is as skinny as a rail. She has neither muscle nor fat on her body, weighing in at around 105 lbs. She has light brown hair that reaches her shoulders. She typically wears colorful shirts along with jeans.

Personality: Christine's primary characteristic is commonly listed as "loud". She is assertive, excitable, and emotional. While she is generally kind-hearted, she has a short fuse and a mean temper. She often sticks her nose in others' business, without actually realizing her trespasses. Most of the time she's trying to help, but her boisterous nature often makes things worse. Some might assume that her over-the-top personality is to make up for her stature.

PET: PET is black with two horizontal yellow stripes across the middle.