Operator Name: Ittou Zenten (ZERO)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ittou's height is slighty above average, about 6' 1". His body has a toned muscular build from strength training and being a track athlete. Ittou has medium —long, light blue hair that drapes down between his red eyes. He wears a black tee-shirt with a white vest and a siver chain & pendant. Ittou wears black jeans with skull head chain belt and white tennis shoes.

Personality: Ittou is a brilliant tactician, masterful chess player, expert computer hacker but he tends to be withdrawn from other people. He doesn't talk to anyone but Kyzer unless they talk to him first. Even then it usually is a quick conversation then Ittou walks away. Although he is shy around people, he is courageous when he needs to be. He uses his cleaver mind to figure out and beat seemingly impossible odds.

PET Modifications: Ittou has modified his PETs color scheme to green with black and silver trim. He has also created a docking bracer for his right arm that allows the PET to hook up to the internet wirelessly via satellite.