Name: Frederic Kales

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Background: Frederic Kales is a professor or Religion at the Dentech University. He has been teaching there for a few years, and recently decided to run an experiment with a navi. He created an angel Navi, and made it the angel of a machine god, run by logic and reason. To him, people of today often want and think that god is like that, based on how advanced the technology of today is. He made the angel of said god, to see how it interacts.

Appearance: Frederic stands around 5'8" tall and weighs an average 175 pounds. Frederic Kales is a middle aged man, and it shows on his face. He has deep wrinkles around his mouth and nose from years of smiling and talking, and also around his eyes. He never slept much, he is an insomniac, as such, and the lines around his eyes are deeper. Perched on his nose is a pair of thin blue framed rectangular glasses. Frederic has nearly shoulder length hair that is very thin and mostly gray. His eyes are a faded blue color. Professor Kales normally has a smile on his face, and is a very content individual.

Kales wears the normal business casual that he wears when teaching any of his classes. Blue button up shirt with the top button undone, showing a white undershirt below, along with simple slacks and black dress shoes. Simple yet professional dress. He often carries a laptop case with him, containing his computer and PET. He doesn't interact much with his navi on a personal level right now, trying to keep it strictly internet interaction time.

Personality: Professor Kales is a very happy person, who is often found smiling or laughing. He is light hearted and never takes things to seriously. He is content with his way in life, often claiming to have found happiness through his studies. He tries to help students whenever he can, and more often than not is known as the nicer teacher. He cares about his students and wants them to do better. What else can be said? He's a good teacher. He cares a lot about his own personal experiments and studies, such as his Navi.

PET Modifications: The PET is a basic line PET, with no real color variations. It is cooper in color. It does have one minor change, a custom built faith meter for the purposes on his experiment.