Name: Maximillian Gaines
Personality: Outgoing and largely without eccentricities, the word that most easily applies itself to Max is "forgettable". Not to those that know him well, but to those that he meets. Holding himself confidently but not overbearing and with a constant expression of moderate amusement, Max manages to blend in with most crowds. He has, however, been particularly fond of netbattling since a young age. Spending most of his excess zenny on tournaments with stock navis, but almost never winning, he has only barely managed to scrape by, and yet he doesn't seem to mind. Since winning Illusionist by defeating him with a stock NormalNavi in a promotional tournament the two have bonded as a Navi/Op pair, and Max has largely stopped participating in the tournaments he found so amusing in the past. No ameteur, but no professional, Max is determined to become a netbattling and virus busting great alongside his new partner.
Description: Standing at 5'9", Max is shorter than quite a few of his peers. His attire is extremely simple, cycling through whatever t-shirts and jackets he finds fashionable at the time. One set of clothing that he often wears in public is a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt with a picture of a wave rolling across the shirt from left to right. He also prefers white sneakers, ankle high socks, and an off-white baseball cap. He's moderately built, weighs roughly 200 pounds, and has messy black hair that extends to just above his neck, but doesn't cover his ears. His eyes are brown.
PET Modifications: Water resistant to 30 meters, capable of projecting a holographic screen that can be as large as 3' by 3', and slightly slimmer than the average model. He has a custom holster for the PET that he stores it in when not in use.