Operator Name: Drake
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: A cool looking guy. He is kind of tall, plus a bit thin. He has some pretty good muscles, and has blue eyes. Some say they see a tint of red in his eyes as well. He wears a red and black jacket with him at all times, even in the summertime. He also has black hair that folds backwards. Along with the red and black jacket, he wears a black T-Shirt with red shorts.
Personality: He treats people with some respect, but he can get pissed, and WILL attack someone if he wanted to. Him and his navi, HarpoonMan, are good friends, and they tend to work together. Sometimes they can get into some bad sides, and get into a fight.
PET Modifications: His PET is like a normal PET with a sea-like design with waves. It has a sensor that allows him to jack in from the nearest port.