Name: Mark Kerf

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Mark looks very little like his cousin Leo. Mark stands at a shorter than average height for a guy, around five foot six inches tall, and weighs around 130 pounds. He has short blond hair and green eyes, with a fair complexion. His frame, as shown by his weight, is small and thin. He doesn't have broad shoulders, and lacks muscle definition in his arms and body. It almost looks as though he is just a skeleton with skin stretched over it. He isn't like this from not eating, or a lack of healthy foods, just from how his body is. He is a very thin and very tiny person. He often keeps his attire classy, wearing nice button up shirts and slacks is a common sight for Mark. He commonly likes to add the vest from three piece suits to his daily wardrobe. He has a pair of black framed glasses. Mark prefers to dress nicely in most cases, makes his tiny frame seem more presentable and less like a teenager or a bum.

Personality: Mark, due to his size, isn't the most openly aggressive person, but he can hold grudges. He is a more passive aggressive person, bordering on the lands of spiteful in his words and actions to those he deals with. He has opinions on everyone he deals with, and will share if asked. He doesn't like people much, but has people skills, so this may be some of the steaming of his anger and negative thoughts towards people. He has to use his people skills to keep Trent fighting. But, if you break through that shell that he has up, he isn't such a evil guy. You have to earn his respect prior. If you show him respect, and not treat him badly for his size, or the likes, he will respect you. He is also very determined and ambitious. He never gives up and once his mind is set on something, it doesn't leave.

Connection with Trent: He treats Trent like a business asset, but couldn't help treating him nicely and fairly. Mark feels a draw towards Trent, and looses a lot of his angry and unfriendly thoughts when speaking with Trent. He isn't a spiteful guy towards him, and the two get along with a mutual respect.

PET Modifications: The PET for Trent is a simple White and blue camo pattern. It has only a few modifications to it. One that allows it to be used an a Music player, because Mark Needs to zone into his work. It also has a browser for quick searches on the internet, and a gps system included also.

Background: Mark Is an Aspiring business man, making a business and a name for himself in underground fighting matches. He started as a lowly gambler, simply casting his lot in with whichever navi he felt was most capable of winning the fight, or the one that he liked the design of the most. His addiction to the sport started as a kid with his first simple netbattling with a basic navi. The thrill was exciting. He would watch netbattles on tv. After making only small gains in his personal fiances, he cracked open several books, websites, and statical break downs of fights and learned how they actually worked. He learned strategy and what to look for in a fight. Mark took several credits towards business in his college days, and decided to put this to work and gather his own band of fighters. He started by purchasing Trent.EXE, and started to train him. He is working on getting fights set up for Trent, and starting his own business of selling the fighters entertainment value to rings that request him.

Prior to owning Trent, Mark did attempt his hand to the underground fighting once before, his inexperience and poor navi training leading to the rapid deletion of the poor nav