Name: Faine (Fai for short)
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female
Appearance: Fai is a small, light-weight girl, five feet tall, weighing about one hundred and five pounds. She has strawberry blonde hair mixed with naturally blended red-ish highlights. Her hair is kept short, cut just above the shoulders, and is almost always in disarray as it was cut unevenly, and thus remains in a rather messy state. Her eyes are a startling dark blue that one might mistake for contacts were it not for the large pair of oval-shaped glasses she wears (which like to slide down her nose during moments of stress that leave her face sweaty.). Her favorite shirt is an oversized white and blue striped cardigan with too-long sleeves, and a wide collar which, despite her best efforts, keeps sliding off her right shoulder. The hem of this shirt is long and conceals her hips. She also wears baggy jeans and a pair of converse sneakers. Even when it is warm out she always wears a very comfortable white scarf around her neck. She also carries her PET and any books/school work in a large brown shoulder bag.
Personality: Although Fai isn't exactly shy, a low self-esteem leaves her in an almost constant doubt of herself. She prefers dull colors and usually hides herself away from social situations, or anything concerning a lot of drama. Regardless of this she does try to overcome her own self-doubts by mustering bravery and trying new things (usually with the help of her Navi). When meeting new people she will be quietly curious at first, but upon finding any connection of friendship or even business she's all smiles, talking, and questions. She is easily amused and usually in concern for others.
PET Modifications: PET is Silver with a baby blue trim. It has a damage resistant/water proof cover (transparent). Fai keeps it safe in her shoulder bag.