Name: Kasai Odoriko
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Navi: Pyroman
Appearance: Kasai is cleanshaven, with medium-length black hair. His clothing is nondescript, usually jeans, some t-shirt. He also wears a black leather jacket, just because it's hawt. Kasai has a sandal fetish, and refuses to wear close-toed shoes. Kasai is a large and tall caucasian man, with broad shoulders and a large chin. He has eyes like coal.
Personality: Kasai is the sensible compliment to Pyroman. He is calm, passive, and ocassionally absentminded. He tends to live for the small stuff, being satisfied by simply sitting.
PET Modifications: functions as a tazer The PET is black with a flame pattern. It also has a metal-plastic alloy casing to protect it from drop damage, as well as a geiger counter and a body heat indicator.
Initial Program: Shield (though the name of the actual shield is the Pyro Wall)