Name: Rini Merck
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Appearance: Profile pic
A raven-haired little girl, with obsession for fancy hair accessories and hats. One will randomly see her with frilly fedoras (yes, those are possible), or a hairband with a giant ribbon, so on so forth. It is crucial to note that her accessories do not reflect her mood. Rini likes to wear dresses, but one thing that's fixed would be her thigh-high socks and a pair of mary janes. Her normal attire could be referenced to here. Her brown hair is short-cropped, neatly combed so that two tidy bangs come down from each side of her face. Three simple clips keep the hair from falling unnecessarily down to her face.

Rini has a bubbly personality, always eager to show and teach others wisdom of childhood. She's also endlessly enthusiastic, and may be seen as reckless when NetBattling; she only shouts for the offensive. Shisho is her imaginary friend, and all her teachings go through her Navigator. However, thanks to her optimism, she's the kind that cannot afford to lose; she must win.

PET Modifications:
Rini's PET possess numerous stickers of the latest fandom, laminated by a thin strip of plastic to prevent wear and tear... on the stickers. The PET's body itself is black, with beige trim and buttons.