Name: Russel Carter
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Appearance: Stands at around 6 feet tall with fair skin and long white hair tied back. He's skinny with very little muscle definition, since most of his life has been spent with his nose in a book (though when asked if he's ever exercised in his life he'll launch into a diatribe about lame summer camps his parents sent him to). He Wears sweaters, slacks, sunglasses and a fedora while he's on the move. When he's teaching he doffs his at and removes his sweater to reveal a (usually) faded hawaiian shirt. Generally wears sandels. All in all, he doesn't care much about what people think of his looks.

Personality: Somewhat aloof, but once he gets excited about a topic of discussion he won't stop talking. Teaches philosophy at a local university and carries the air of a proffessor who generally thinks he's better than everyone else. Somewhat shuns interaction with others, but he isn't without his graces. Always quick to lend a helping hand, he tends to get in trouble from taking on things outside of his element. Hates it whenever someone uses the word "Virtue." Likes logic, semantics and eastern philosophies. Holds a Ph.D in Philosophy and a Masters in Mathematics. Has a minor in Physics from his undergrad days.

PET Modifications: His PET is modified from an old E - book reader. This being the case, he has a large amount of information stored on it, but the books are so wordy even he has trouble making use of them. It also makes it a bit clunky to use.