Name: Raymond Hammett

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: Raymond has Caucasian skin, fair blond hair and dark green eyes. He shaves once every three days if he's feeling motivated, but rarely past every five, and he rarely brushes or combs his hair. This leads to a scruffy appearance, even though he keeps clean. He wears decent non-designer white button-down shirts, with ties, slacks and vests in a variety of colors. He carries his PET in a holster under his shoulder, with a cordless headset that his navi and all phone calls transfer to. He holds himself well, proud but not to the point of standing out excessively. He's not particularly tall, but being blond doesn't help him hide very much in Electopia.

Personality: Raymond himself is an incredibly calm, collected person. He is unsympathetic to criminals, and will condemn the crime even if the criminal has a good reason. He does not allow his emotions to sway his decisions, instead letting logic and justice decide his path. He will fight to within an inch of his own life, but will not put others' in unnecessary danger. He truly is hard boiled.

PET Modifications: Raymond's PET itself is fairly basic, colored brown and silver. It has two significant attachments. One, is the cordless headset mentioned above, which is fairly standard, with a microphone and earphone. The other is the Detective's eye, which is both a small screen, and a camera, that attach to the brim of Raymond's hat. This allow Maltese to see, in real time, what Raymond does, and point out clues. This also allows Maltese to take pictures and edit them into useful evidence. This device is worn on the right eye, and can provide a small heads-up display. This display can also show the same information as the screen on the PET, including Maltese, in the net, though this is impractical for a number of reasons.