Name: Nigma

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Nigma is a tall, round man. He has well-trimmed well-kept black hair as well as a shin bright orange bandanna. He wears a really over-sized long sleeved white shirt and survival pants with an astonishing amount of pockets on it. He also owns a black and white camouflaged backpack which he carries around by the handle more than on his back. He has a belt stuffed with (useless) gadgets, among which some are, a knife, a compass, a multi-tool and duct-tape. His eyes are deep dark brown and slowly darkening with age. He isn't fast or athletic at all but that is (somewhat) compensated by his intelligence, stamina and understanding of humans and nature.

Personality: Nigma is a very unsocial, egotistical man. He is often fascinated by other humans doing mundane tasks but gets bored soon after once he figures out their pattern. He is generally evil spirited "just to see what happens next" and out of refusal to do anything that too many others do. Despite all of this he knows how to behave and act to not get in trouble. He is a very logical thinker and likes to over think something and get it perfect the first time.

PET Modifications: It's shiny metallic black with a neon green _|_ on the back. It is shaped like a palmtop and fits into a special part of his backpack for storage.