Name: Kordello
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Appearance: Kordello stands around 5 feet, 8 inches tall. He wears steel toed, black leather combat boots. He is normally seen wearing comfortable loose fitting jeans with chains coming down the belt buckle loops. His profession asks him to come into work with a dress shirt of some kind. Therefore, he wears a half buttoned, white, long sleeves dress shirt with a red and black flame neck tie that has been loosened around his neck. Normally, his sleeves are rolled up towards his elbows. Kordello has several silver earrings around both ear cartilages, and a loop ring over the middle of his bottom lip. He has long brown hair which is normally kept straight and somewhat tied to the back, however his bangs become lose time from time in case, he then pushes the hair back over one ear lobe. He has ember colored eyes and fair skin. Not too tan, but not pale either.

Personality: Kordello is quite distant and spacious. He likes to be left alone and unattended, but he is quick to answer the call if a dame is in trouble. He likes to flirt, but he is not a player or 'bawler' of any sort. He likes to have fun when time permits and he is somewhat of a clubber. His favorite alcoholic drink is coke and crown royal. He also has a soft sport for fruity power drinks. When it comes to net battling, the fun guy routine comes off. He is extremely focused and grounded. If it's a very serious matter then he becomes rigid and calculating. He believes PETs have their own soul, and he would risk his life first before deleting his own Net Navi.

PET Modifications: Simple black color with flecks of red, orange and yellow around the casing.