Name: Siro "Snow" Eterna
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Siro Eterna stands at 5' 11'', has white hair, red eyes and white skin, being Albino. He tends to wear a red scarf over his black hoodie. Worn blue denim pants and green sneakers cover the rest him, leaving only his scar covered face and hands visible. He tends to have a curious expression on his face, but otherwise doesn't seem very expressive.
Personality: Siro is a born fighter. He loves to fight, and loves to Net Battle even more. This offsets his normal attitude of going into research for cryogenics. He'll battle against anybody, and defend those he cares for to his last breath. He wants to defend everyone against those he considers evil, but isn't a zealot. He considers fights he gets into with friends only spars, and still laughs afterward. Almost always smiling, Siro is a very enjoyable person.

PET Modifications: Reinforced against the cold, Siro's PET never slows down due to cold or frost. It also has the standard hologram projector, and Siro's pride and joy, wheels and skis, in the event Snowman should need to move around.