Name: Noah Yaworski

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Though relatively young, Noah has grown into a bear of a man, standing at approximately 6'7". He's extremely well-built, with broad shoulders, toned arms and legs, and (despite all odds) not the faintest hint of a distended stomach. To attempt to hide this, however, he tends to wear long-sleeved white shirts to hide the state of his upper torso, and a black bomber jacket over that. Baggy jeans to obscure his legs. Most of his shoes are white runners, as he does a lot of exercise. He carries his PET in a small holster on the side of his black belt, and is never without his favorite notebook; a black leather-bound book full of his own etchings. His hair is dark brown, short, and invariably messy, though he will sometimes choose to cover it with a very distinctive black Sharoan ushanka. A five-o-clock shadow perpetually dominates his face, no matter how often he tries to shave it off. As if to counteract all this rather intimidating appearance, Noah's eyes are bright blue and appear soft and gentle; there is not a trace of malevolent intent in them. A near-constant shy smile helps to hammer home the appearance of a gentle giant.

The term 'gentle giant' could hardly be more accurate. While Noah looks very intimidating physically, he is, in fact, very soft-spoken. Very shy and very gentle, Noah has an immeasurable love for the arts, with music being his favorite of them all. In his spare time he can often be found either listening to music, sketching on his PET tablet, or writing in his notebook. Noah also enjoys tasting new dishes, and has a ludicrous appetite; it is no small wonder that he can eat as much as he usually does, without turning into a blimp. He resides in flat in a quiet corner of ACDC Town, living off the royalties he collected from whatever he got published, be it music, paintings, drawings, or stories. It's a lonely life without many real friends, but Noah manages to stay sane; ironically, with the help of Composer.

PET Modifications:
Noah's PET is an azure and white Link model, complete with the usual holographic projections. He has also managed to create a holographic tablet for him to draw in, as well as a music projection program that adds background music to the immediate area around