Operator of Fissure.EXE

Name: "Jim"
Age: Late teens
Gender: Male

Appearance: Has a very mundane and unmentionable appearance, regularly garbed in plain shirts and dull combats. His facial features appear dim with passive thoughtfulness, though you'd be hard pressed to remember them. He wears some kind of boots on his feet and has his PET on a chain around his neck. His only other distinguishing feature is his untidy, albino hair. When not talking to someone, his eyes lazily meander their way across everything and nothing, as though following the path of a curious fly.

Personality: Although not of abmormal size, Jim's presence is so small it's difficult to pick him out in an empty room. If ever you were to be in a situation where you would meet, you would find him to be rather thoughtful, taking the time to think about every response. Despite his slow, meticulous reasoning of events, Jim is surprisingly naive and easily suggestible, unwittingly becoming Fissure's human puppet.

PET Modifications: Jim's PET is equipped with a personal GPS and PET Tracking device, a slightly illegal yet fairly unobvious application rigged to a pirated satellite. Once forgotten, the satellite was salvaged by a small group of drunken friends who, under the pretence of a UFO Enthusiast club, use it for elaborate pranks.