Name: Daniel "Danny" Bianchi
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Appearance: Daniel has fair skin and wavy brown hair, though he often wears a backwards baseball cap to cover most of it.He wears a purple bandanna around his neck that says "Jump-start".He wears a navy blue hoodie with a smilie face in silver on the back and a plain purple t-shirt beneath it.He often wears jeans and tennis shoes with a belt that has a star belt buckle.His shoes are black and have a small flame decal on the back of them.His eyes are brown and he has a small scar across his nose.

Personality: Daniel is a rather goofy individual who can't take anything seriously, even if his Navi is injured or ejected he sees it as bad luck.He always has a smile on his face, and even in sad or pressuring moments he keeps it on.It is very difficult to get his angry, and when he gets to the point of rage he will often let all of it out at once in a loud roar at the individual causing his frustration.He likes challenges and will always go all out to win.

PET Modifications: Purple with a small gold crown painted on the top of it.