Name: Dominique "Nikki" Illadro
Age: 18
Gender: Female


Nikki's body, shaped by years of speed based athletic sports, is slim and lithe. She sports a very slender frame and the undergarments she wears in her general dress have a rather flattening effect, though it's a bit misleading. This gives her an even slimmer, almost boyish shape, totally 20s-chic. Her skin is a bit tanned, a mixture between her naturally deep toned skin and the time she spends in the sun. Her hair is line straight and black, placed back and without bangs, trailing down to the small of her back. She takes very good care of her hair and its beauty shows as a result. Her face is slim, mature, and feminine. She accents it carefully with just enough makeup, and deep toned lipstick, making her lips look absolutely lush and expecting, waiting. Her hazel colored eyes carry an air of seriousness, something piercing, something knowing, and something very intriguing. She is lightly muscled, but could very well hold her own in a brawl, assuming the person was unskilled or of similar size. (Of course, it would be more of a street brawl then anything she's been specifically trained for. Or if the person was big but unskilled, a few cheap shots). She runs fast, jumps high, and is very athletic, quick, and dexterous. She is far from imposing, but isn't quite tiny at five foot six.

She often changes how she dresses, but her general attire is relatively consistent. She likes to wear a black leather jacket, which, while shiny and well kept, is very easy to move around in. Under it she wears a yellow sports type tank top. Of course, thanks to the jacket the lack of sleeves can't really be discerned, but if she were to take of the jacket it would be seen. The back of the jacket features her Navi's emblem. Her lower body is covered with a pair of tight black jeans, which are also surprisingly easy to move around in while remaining very fashionable. The pants end right at the top of her yellow high-top sneakers. The sneakers are a bit more worn out then the rest of her clothing, but are far from ratty; they're just well used. And to be quite honest they add a bit of personality and character to her appearance.


Nikki is a very strong character. She has strong opinions, and is generally willing to voice them. She's a very talented peoples' person, too, and very good at reading people. She can generally tell what it is she needs to do next to keep good relations with people. She is good at socializing. She's very friendly, and affectionate to boost. She can be flirty, and uses her gender to its fullest. She isn't exactly the nicest person, or the most morally chaste. She likes to have fun, and likes to do what she thinks is best for her. However, she can keep and build strong relationships despite her relatively shaky foundations. In fact, Nikki is talented in the art of people. She doesn't like to brag, but is far from modest or doubting when it comes to her own capabilities, which she is a pretty good judge of. She isn't afraid of a bit of conflict, works well under pressure, and likes a challenge, an adrenaline rush, and to have fun.


Nikki comes from a relatively well off family. Her mother left soon after her birth, leaving her living with her father. That isn't to say that she was without a feminine role model during her childhood; quite the contrary. Her father had many women living in the house, though they came and went.

As an only child, she was her father's little angel. He spoiled her with love and attention. Throughout her childhood she was enrolled in numerous clubs and lessons, from artsy things like ballet and piano to physical things like gymnastics and soccer. She remained girly, though, and would do such girly things as hanging out at the mall, shopping, and chatting about boys.

As she got older her interests focused more on agility, and she looked into free running and parkour to compliment varsity Track and Cross country, along with gymnastics and tumbling (She hadn't liked the cheerleading scene, but had found the acrobatics fun). She became very fashionable, and a great make up artist. She expanded her closet to epic levels of completeness, from every style of normal dress to lab coats, scrubs, animal prints, furs, and rubber boots. Her make up applying is to the degree that she could likely look like a whole new person if she felt like it. She's an incredible hair stylist, and owns multiple wigs to expand on that. In fact, if it interested her, she could have a great career ahead of her in beauty, fashion design, or costume designing (The latter most she can even do as it stands, thanks to her incredibly extensive wardrobe).

Her father, a "legitimate businessman," (quote unquote should definitely be pronounced there), was a big part of her life. And though he has some questionable contacts and resources himself, he was always good to his daughter. She's seen him lie and cheat, and go through women like tissues, and while it may have had an effect on her, she doesn't, at the moment, plan to enter the "family business". She has yet to ever get caught in trouble with the law, and hopes to keep her record clean if at all possible.

She is currently out of school and job, enjoying a break from it all while she can.


Nikki's pet is black, and sports her Navi's emblem on it. It acts much like a very high end accessory, featuring TV, great phone service, big and high quality screen, lots of storage space, a camera, some games, video conferencing, and many other neat features. It is long and thin (Almost BN 5 style) and slides up to reveal a full keyboard that Nikki can type on quite swiftly.