Name: Peter Maxim
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: In terms of bodily appearance Peter is heavily tanned, somewhat stout and while not heavily muscled is still somewhat toned. He usually wears sweats and other simple, comfortable clothes. His navi icon is a red, orange, and yellow flower formed from triangles which can be found on the front of his most often worn sweater.

Personality: Peter is a cocky, impulsive youth who has a great deal of undue confidence in his abilities. Although Peter had an interest in netbattle since a young age he never owned a combat ready navi until he decided to "experiment" on a PET designed for assisting gardeners he found at a garage sale which resulted in the once fairly normal plant navi becoming an unstable but combat ready fire navi. With his newly acquired navi Peter now seeks to show off his possibly non existent netbattle skills to the world whether it likes it or not.

PET Modifications: Constructed from what was originally a gardening PET and the salvaged parts of many thought to be burned out machines Peters PET is quite the odd patch job which means that while Peter has a good deal of knowledge of its inner workings its not the most well built device ever.