Name: Trace Gellin
Age: 24
Gender: M

Appearance: Trace mainly looks like your average I.T guy who works at an office. His brown hair is styled into an "Office" haircut. Over his white button-up work shirt he wears a light denim jacket (That system room is too goddamn cold!).

Personality: A minor workaholic/pyromaniac. He doesn't have much of a temper unless it comes to his work. He prides himself on doing a job right, the first time, every time. Despite being a lesser systems manager at the office firm he works for, he still has a sense of authority over his office network. Outside of work he's actually lazy. He tales life outside work on a mostly "not my buisness" philosophy. Unlike most fictional characters, his clothes change from day to day.

PET mod: A red/dark red color scheme, with a lighter built into it.