Name: Davis Aero
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Davis Aero is about 6'1" and roughly 220 lbs, He's lean and thin making him just as fast as his words. He wears form fitting tight pants mostly made of like cotton to able him to be quick, as the same applies to his shirt which never has buttons. They're also to thick straps then connect at two points, the front two just above his front pockets and just above the rear pockets. On the connecting clips that attach the straps are large buttons with a cross encompassed in a circle with a pair of wings coming out from both sides. He wears low cut shoes and always are kept neat and tidy just like his appearance. His primary color scheme is victory blue and a almost blood red, the winged crest is always sliver.
Personality: Davis is a very talkative and very loud talker, he's easy going and makes friends very easily too. when he gets attached to someone he cares for them deeply aiding in anyway that he can and giving more then what is needed. he also falls in love easily sometimes at first sight which has lead to some sticky situations. Although his rash and often rushes into things he is quick minded and can think and act on moments notice. He is always the first to act and the last to leave.
PET Modifications: standard PET with the silver circled winged cross on the base and two smaller ones on the sides.