Name: Stephen Pale

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: roughly 5'8", and weighing about 125lbs, Stephen is rather skinny for his build, something he dislikes intensely, but has never really been able to affect a change on. He has curly, sand-brown hair which looks as though it is a little short, although when straightened it easily drops down to the nape of his neck at the back, and his messy, un-parted fringe will reach down from the bridge to the tip of his slender nose. His eyes are blue, somewhere between steely grey and the deep blue often attributed to oceans, although they lose most of their potential poetic charm to this mix. He also has a short crop of facial hair, born of him being too lazy to do more than trim it every now and then.
He prefers subdued colours in his clothes, but is immensely fond of a single, long-sleeved shirt of a bright white colour, with two inky black strips died into the fabric, one at his right shoulder, running down to just below the chest, and one at his left side, which runs across his belly. His trousers are usually of an 'alternative' style, black, grey or dark blue jeans with a number of pointless zips or attachments of trailing fabrics, and always with large pockets sewn on to the sides of the legs, just above the knees. He will often wear an old, well-worn hooded jacket when it's cold or raining despite it being an obvious size too large for him, a cherished gift, although he'd never admit that while wearing it for some reason.
Stephen loves rollerskating, and will sometimes wear an old set of beaten rollerblades in place of shoes of any kind, despite the impracticality, but will always carry a set of thin, patchwork canvas shoes with him in a shoulder bag of a similar condition if he does this.

Personality: In few words, Stephen is very easygoing and laid back. In fewer words, he's lazy, or at least comes across as such. He is quite intelligent, if he needs to be, but will often retreat behind the mask of a 'foolish slacker' in order to get out of working too often. He does like to keep track of small details though, and will more often than not surprise the people around him with pointed observations, or a well aimed joke at certain points in a conversation, although this is mostly just for his own entertainment, as he is far from a malicious person at heart.
Stephen claims to enjoy the 'finer' things in life. What he means by this, however, is that he has a liking for loud music, anything that will get him stone-cold wasted by nightfall, and a fast life on the half-pipe. Not that he's what you could call a delinquent, he simply believes that there is little more to life than enjoying it to the fullest, so long as you're not inconveniencing those around you.
He likes to work with people, and has no qualms about playing second-fiddle to anybody, so long as he can trust them to succeed, as he hates having to clean up after a sloppy job. Too much effort for all involved.

PET Modifications: Stephen uses an old model of PET, which is a little larger and bulkier than most, however he keeps it well, and finds the slightly larger screen a big bonus. It has dulled silver casing, and resembles the back of an oversized digital camera.