Operator of Zetaman.EXE
Name: Vita Murasaki
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Appearance: Vita is a young woman with a very small build who more often than not is mistakenly taken as younger. She is only 5'2" and has a slim build with slight curves and a small chest. Her hair is a medium length brown that she often fixes up to keep out of her dark blue eyes. Vita doesn't care too much about what she wears, often going with simple shirts and long skirts, keeping her fashionableness to a minimum. She does occasionally dress a little differently, going with a more professional blazer when she attends classes. Vita can rarely be found without her PET, which is often kept in her arms or at her hip. Along with her PET, she has a pair of wired heavy headphones, kept on unless she's in class or speaking with others, in which case she favours keeping them around her neck.
Vita at Work

Personality: Vita is pretty scatterbrained, keeping herself pulled in multiple direction merely due to her interest in so many things. As a hardware modder, she often switches into nerd mode around electronic wonders and customized PETs, making her often appear distracted. She doesn't reach out to other people very much, however having only recently moved into the area, she's learned to force herself to interact with people - going online makes it easier. Her innate shyness is reflected in the way she dresses and acts in public, often not wondering about what others think of her. In her personal moments, she can drop into her own little world and has some strange work methods.

PET Modifications: Vita's PET has been altered pretty heavily, at least externally. Its appearance carries a similar shape to other PETs, though with bulges and small attachments that are the result of Vita's mods. The PET works as a fully functional music device and holds a headphone jack for Vita to use, and also includes a rotating camera lens on one corner that Vita and Zetaman find use for. Her PET has also been altered to interact with devices aside from those with jack-in ports.