Operator of Fissure.EXE

Name: Ketl Benedict (The Kettle)
Age: Late 30s
Gender: Male

Appearance: Sporting a marvelous beard, a portly belly and a jolly, round-cheeked face, Ketl Benedict almost always brings an image of a brown haired Santa Claus to most. When preaching, he dresses in modern-style, navy robes with two white stripes running down it's length and a velvet, Tricorn Admiral's hat with a medallion bearing Fissure's emblem hanging down from each point. Chooses checkered shirts and dungarees for casual clothes and always wears his favourite black boots.

Personality: With thundering, heavy-duty lungs and a voice that could wake the dead, Ketl Benedict works as a freelance online minister, preaching whatever he's instructed to preach through the by-ways of the internet, using voice chats and pod-casts. His extremely loud voice means he unwittingly shouts, even when talking privately. Good natured and full of cheer, "The Kettle" is a fairly likable fellow, never afraid to speak his mind, sometimes a little too much. Has been contracted by various legal business advertisers, but "The Kettle" is simply a public face, a 'guise to shroud more dubious actions.

PET Modifications: To help speak to his "congregation", Ketl's PET has a fold-out handle at the bottom of the device, holding the PET like a microphone (or to passers-by, a megaphone).