Name: Dave Monroe
Age: 16ish
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dave is slight of build, standing at slightly less than six feet, and looks as though he is barely heavy enough to avoid falling over on windy days. He has blue eyes that are usually partly-covered by a fringe of his rather unkempt mass of brown hair. He wears a black t-shirt with the image of two swords crossed behind an acorn emblazoned on the front, a pair of rather scruffy jeans, and brown hiking boots.
Personality: To most people meeting him for the first time, Dave is a shy, quiet kid who is usually pretty friendly. In reality, Dave is a shy, talkative, rather hot-headed kid with a propensity for sarcasm. Despite being quick to anger, he rarely instigates violent confrontation, preferring to outsmart foes. Even so, he is more likely to aggress on behalf of a friend than defend on behalf of himself. Dave generally attempts to find the humour in situations, and can have an entire conversation using only quotes from songs. He is easily distracted.
PET Modifications: A basic PET that is black with navy trim. It has slots for pens, paper, and vinyl records.