//NAME: Vladimir Estragon Thorman XVIII
//AGE: 23
//APPEARANCE: He's the normal, unruly youth. His dark, curly hair meets to the sides of his head, and his deep, narrow eyes always covered with prescription glasses. He wears clothes of neutral colors, so suspect him in many whites, greys, pale blues, and blacks. He is about medium build, about 5'09". Tanned skin and a slouched demeanor, he moves enterprisingly fast for someone like himself. He talks with a deep, calm voice. Some say he is rather attractive, but most describe him as rather "plain".
//PERSONALITY: He is one cool customer. Street urchin sense day one, he has quickly grown into a pro-con man. He has several habit of minds that make this the perfect job for him, too.

1. Questioning Person: He will always learn as much as he can from you then you can from him. What may seem to be casual questions fro this man can through open the doors to who you are to him.
2. Cunning Plans: This man has never ran out of tricks from his book. He has proven time and time again to be a brilliant planner, coming up with entirely full proof plans. He was once able to make an entire house disappear in twenty minutes.
3. Sharp Personality: He has such a charming personality, you can see the shine from a mile away. People always fall for him, it ridiculous. There is no way to know what his real personality is, though.
4. Master of Escape: As soon as the job is done, he escapes like a magician. One minute he could be there, the next, gone. With your wallet (See #2).
5. Imaginative: He has pulled off things no one has believed could be done. Some would call this man insane, he is so original. It's the scariest part about him; you don't know what hes planning.