Name: Art Yi
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Appearance: Disheveled clothing and unkept, shoulder-length jet black hair are the first things that come to mind when you first see Art. Standing at an upright 5' 10, he often appears 5' and a half due to his perpetual slouch. Other than his laptop, Art is almost always toting a giant teddy bear for some reason. He is also found occasionally in a full-body bear suit.

Personality: Art might be 20, but you'd swear he stopped growing mentally at around 12. Free-spirited and narcoleptic, he's more likely than not to be asleep at random places cuddling his bear. Trying to get a straight answer from him is a nightmarish ordeal, but thankfully most people just ignore the odd fellow.

PET Modifications: The PET is orange with black and red trim, and completely ordinary otherwise. What's unusual is the wired add-on that's connected to it--an automated teddy bear that's about the size of a small child, small enough to be toted around yet big enough to carry the PET.