Camille Emilia Gala
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Voluptuous, long-legged, and dark-skinned, Camille cuts an amazing figure. Her long black hair is usually drawn back into a ponytail, with the loose bangs partially covering one green eye. Her wardrobe choices vary, but there are a few constants; most notably, she almost compulsively wears long white coats, although if weather doesn't permit for it she won't press the issue.

Camille is generally very calm and cool. She is usually brainstorming or observing some small detail for whatever theory she's currently working on, and easily gets lost in thought. As such, she's easy to catch off-guard. Although she comes off as cold, that's simply her absent nature. When she can manage to pay attention, though, she can be very playful and fun to be around.

PET Modifications
The PET's dominant colour is black, with a lighted trim that changes colour, pattern, and intensity depending on the situation. In addition to the aesthetic changes, she has a few experimental programs installed for study, mostly in relation to her navi's strong frequency and its effect on things around it.