Name: Xenneth Hikari
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Xen's appearance is rather unique as he usually wears bright colors that reflect his optimistic attitude. His main body appearance and sharpening is average weight and build as he don't show much muscle and build along his chest and stomach, and he doesn't have much body fat showing he's in shape. Most cases it doesn't show because of his clothing where, but digressing back to features as his eye color is a beautiful blue with his hair color being tie-dye a magenta color mixed with a dark blue as well. The blue is dominant and the purple is mostly in streaks that go to the right side of his head where some hair is in a twist tie and beaded with round Jaw breaker sized crystal like burettes and dangles closely to the opening of his right ear so it would get stuck behind the lope when he walks or runs. His lips face is almost to a feminine feature, showing it's more cute than handsome, and his expression is mostly a sweet smile or a positive expression. His skin is mostly smooth since he takes not of hygiene and uses all sorts of lotions and likes to stay clean with some of the most delicate soaps. His hair is most likely just as smooth too, plus really combed, but not laid out that it would stay in place as he is in motion. He stands to be about 5'4 and weights 141 lbs in close estimation.

Going to fashion, his clothing is the usual choice of bright designs. Since he's a good talent in knitting, he usually buys clothing of an average non-name brand design and adds his personal touches. He sometimes flub them almost every time, but still he has his favorites. His most treasured clothing design is the threads he wears for his journey as he has a matching white slacks that are smooth surfaced for comfort more than the average protection as a pattern of yellow threading runs down the leg's creases but go along the cuffs. This part of the pants is folded into a small then cuff since he overdid the threading and stretched it at that place, so that part of the pants leg I usually baggy. His waist however holds just fine with the assistance of a white belt with a bloomed sunflower design buckle latch in yellow. The holes along the belt are in the shape of small stars as well as he shows his love for anything to do with space and beautiful sights.

His upper body mostly is a thick yellow t-shirt that keeps him snug and comfortable. The sleeves are long going all the way to his wrist with some slack so when he's not careful, they go as far as his palm to where they almost cover his pinky fingers on both hands. He wears a white button up jacket that is thick as a hoody. It even has it's own hood which Xen rarely wear unless the weather gets so bad, but even in that case, he still lets it slip his mind at times. His jacket and hood makes it look like he has a layer of a blanket on him even though it goes down to his waist stopping at the belt line, and the sleeves on the jacket is short and stop at shoulder cuff length. The final feature is a large emblem star on his back leaning to the left slightly for a pretty design. Odd fashion, but it fits him and he isn't ashamed of it not one bit.


Xenneth's personality can be classified as nothing less than an absolute wreak. He has no confidence in himself whatsoever and he always tries to convince others that he isn't one for any job. Even though this is mostly true and he fails, he always puts forth a good effort when someone puts their fate in them, and he tries his best to not let that belief go away. Win some lose some is more like happy or sad for him at the end of the days. He tends to get bossed around and has a problem for not being able to say "no" when it counts some times. He can't stand up for himself often and most of all, he always seemed embarrassed or quite shy no matter what he does. It's nothing less than his absolute innocence, even at his age that he should be graduating during this school year, he's still considered a wreck and has a long way to go.

When it comes to people, Xenneth isn't too social. He doesn't usually approach others unless it's for a good reason, and when he's approached, he becomes embarrassed mostly, or even nervous thinking he might mess up even when talking to someone. This is shown through his habit of stuttering and topping it off by turning away and mostly saying "Oh dear!" This is usually helped when he known someone else long enough to speak to them like he's really close. Acquaintances still make him stutter on the occasions.

During battle...well...he doesn't. Xenneth isn't one to Battle, fight, or even spar for that matter. He isn't very violent, and if anything, his joy of healing and keeping others safe is nothing shorter of his nature to keep things the way they are, "a flower plucked for no purpose is wasted" is a motto that his mother engraved into his heart. Because of this, he doesn't resort to violent methods unless he has a very valid reason such as to keep someone else safe. He tends to let those who fight for him do it while he sits in the shadows if he know it needs done. Busting viruses as a past time he sees as similar as "pulling weeds" so he has no major qualm with attacking anything that is not NetNavi.

PET Modifications:

The Pet Design for Xenneth is a pink trim design of a Progressive PET. The symbol upon the front is that of a bloomed sunflower like design and last but not least are the extra features:

Flower Scanner - Scans the status of flowers telling the user the amount of moisture that is within the soil around the plant, it's current health, and nutrients it's receiving. It makes Xenneth feel one with the plant.