Appearance:Giannis has short and black hair but a few people have seen it because he always wears a red hat.His eyes are brown behind the sunglasses he always wears.He loves wearing different types of T-shirts but especially he prefers red and white.His pants are black and clean because he washes them every day.He is 1 and 75 metres tall and 80 kilos.

Personality:Giannis is a very cool person and he can be calm even in the most dangerous situations.He always helps his friends,to all their problems.He is very selfish because he believes that he is the best operator in the whole world.He is also very shy to beautiful girls.He loves his netnavi Gigaman and he is determined to protect him whatever happens to him.He shows big respect ot his parents and he wishes to become the best operator in the world.He studies much though because he wants to become a great scientist.

Pet Modifications:He has a red and green PET.