Name: Victor Ulric

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Victor is slightly above average height, standing at about 6'3 and weighing around 190lbs. He has pale skin, both from his genetics and from spending most of his time in the lab. His hair is jet black and he wears it in a short tail that is about 5" long. He has a preference for facial hair and generally wears a trimmed goatee. Victor has rather poor eyesight and wears a pair of wireframe glasses with oval lenses. Victor usually dresses in his work attire, even when not at work. This usually consists of a pair of black slacks, a black button down shirt, with a tie. He favors a pair of black leather loafers and can always be found with his grandfather's silver pocket watch in the inner pocket of his white lab coat. Around his neck, Victor wears a silver chain with a small cross pendant. Victor has a small leather pouch that hooks onto his black leather belt. This pouch is used to store his PET when he isn't using it.

Personality: Victor is a fairly somber individual. He doesn't have much of a social life and the vast majority of his day revolves around his work. He's generally quiet and methodical; a man of few words. Victor is an ambitious individual. He has dreams of revolutionizing the Navi system and has spent his young life in that goal. However, he knows that he is responsible for Wolfman's current condition and the possible consequences of his Navi's infection. As such, he has put the majority of his plans on hold until he can find a cure for Wolfman's condition, or at least make the infection no longer transmittable. Despite his subdued nature, Victor is personable and gets along well with his Navi and other people. One odd quirk, is that when faced with a possible break through in one of his experiments, Victor becomes overcome with an obsessive need to see the new development through. He tends to block out everything else in his search to find the next answer.

PET Modifications: Victor's PET is a generic model with a black casing. The only real difference is a specialized Mr. Prog designed to scan Wolfman's systems for viral progression.