Name: Leila Flynn
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: At 6'3" Leila's well developed form makes her look several years older than she actually is. While her large, athletic frame can seem imposing at first her gentle dark green eyes soon assuage any feelings of intimidation. Her face is framed by deep red shoulder length hair, which has a sharp contrast to her rather fair complexion. While Leila does have a fairly well defined physique she still looks just a tad awkward and lanky, which she hides behind loose fitting clothing. She generally wears a T-shirt in combination with baggy jeans or slacks and a pair of simple brown leather hiking boots.

Personality: Laid back and carefree, Leila offers a bit of balance to her navi's hyperactive tendencies. While always mindful of things that are of particular importance she doesn't let the small setbacks in life get to her, preferring to shrug or laugh it off rather than work herself up over it. Leila never really seems to be in a hurry to get anywhere, but while it can appear that she's a bit lethargic she's far from it. A dependable, hard working soul always willing to offer her help, and generally not expecting much if anything in return, she simply enjoys the feeling that she's done some good. While not quite as outwardly social as her navi she's usually a perfectly affable person, and able to offer a friendly ear to her friends should they need it.

PET Modifications: Leila's PET is fairly simple, having a green and white colour scheme to match her navi. Mekka's emblem is on it as well which consists of a deep blue circle background behind a green hexagon is with a red cross laid over top of it.