Name: Chrono Tanara
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: He wears a White shirt with a picture of a snake on it. His pants are jogging pants that is red with black stripes crossing the legging. Around his neck is a necklace with a blue crystal. On his right arm is a red cloth wristband that is slightly worn out. He wears a black sleeveless jacket with pockets with one breast pocket custom made so his PET would be placed tight and firmly to avoid being displaced. His shoes is basic sneakers with some dirt on it. Most would look at the clothing and describe it as moderately weather worn, which is true due to the many hours that he spends with his netnavi outside.

Personality: Despite the rough look that he has, Chrono is surprisingly calm and polite outside of netbattle to the point of treating a stranger to a free lunch if his money allows him to. Many people have a hard time believing it, so it wouldn't surprise him if many people walk the opposite direction from him. During a virus/netnavi battle, this personality switches from polite to ruthlessly cruel from his hard past life of losing and enduring harsh taunts before he got Flerina as a netnavi.

PET Modifications: His Pet Modifications has a scope, has a Ying-Yan emblem near the handle, and a small camera near the scope.